• 2014
    Intelbras Group
    In 2014 Intelbras acquires Automatiza, and the company becomes part of the Intelbras Group. Also in the current year, Automatiza conquers ISO 9001 certification for Access Control products of the eletronic manufacturing line.
  • 2013
    15 years15 years
    Automatiza  completes 15 years of history.
  • 2012
    Another joint product solution is sent, the COMBO. On this year, the company reaches an important mark, contracting more than 100 collaborators. Becomes ‘tetra champion of the Prize Marks Brazil’ of turnstiles,surpassing of length its commercial goals. Also is established the program of participation of profits and results for its employees.
  • 2011
    Mission and VisionMission and Vision
    It’s redrawn the Mission and Vision of the company with focus in Controls of Access to the American Latin market. Won the prize Marca Brazil in the category of Turnstile.
  • 2010
    The readers’ line
    The readers’ line is enlarged: facial reader, biometry, proximity and passwords. Won the prize Marca Brazil in the category of Turnstile.
  • 2009
    Inaugurated the office of sales in BH-BrazilInaugurated the office of sales in BH-Brazil
    In February of 2009 was inaugurated the office of sales in Belo Horizonte , in Minas Gerais. Won the prize Marca Brazil in the category of Biometry and Turnstile..
  • 2008
    Innovating the market of locks and supports, the UNIVERSAL KIT is launched. In June of 2008 “Automatiza” changes again of headquarters, starting to locate in own headquarters, in Tecnopark Pedra Branca, in the municipal district of Palhoça.
  • 2007
    Inaugurated the office of sales in PR-Brazil
    In February of 2007 was inaugurated the office of sales in Curitiba , in Parana. Won the prize Marca Brazil in the category of Readers of Access.
  • 2006
    Are manufactured the first models of ratchets “Automatiza”. Is developed the NETCONTROL SOFTWARE   – controlling, administering and managing the users access. The locks gain another line more: CLEAN Line.
  • 2005
    Inaugurated the office of sales in SP-Brazil
    Inaugurated the office of sales in São Paulo. In November of 2005 Automatiza have new headquarters in the same city, however in another  place, now located in the Street Rua dos Cisnes in the Pedra Branca in Palhoça. 
  • 2002
    Change of headquarters
    Change of headquarters: Established in Florianópolis, in the Garage one partner, in Carvoeira, Automatiza it happens to be located in Palhoça. Still in this year, the company produced its first lot of locks for the external market.
  • 2001
    The biggest case of the company in volume of installations is launched in this year. Today, KIT ATM already is installed in more than 6.000 bank agencies in all Brazil.
  • 2000
    The line of locks is extended. Starts the  FECHEM Line Automatiza enters the segment of locks for residential applications.
  • 1999
    Security market
    Automatiza enters the security market creating its proper system of interlocking of doors. Still in this year, it develops its first models of locks electromagnets, becoming pioneering in this segment with called Line AUTOMAG.
  • 1998
    Automatiza is established developing electronic products, as controllers for load elevators and sensors of presence for firing of light bulbs..
  • 1996
    Rendering of services
    Start the activities of rendering of services without the formality of the constitution of a juridical personality. Beyond the services of electric installations and residential automation, the manufacture of small customized electronic solutions already was part of the “organization”.