The universal kit consists of one electromagnet lock and three manufacturing aluminum supports 100% Brazilian. Its main feature is the adjustment system that allows installation of the kit in wooden doors, glass partitions with slopes.


  • Epoxy paint finish options in black, silver or white;
  • Improved durability;
  • Quiet opening and closing;
  • The door will never remain ajar (when used in conjunction with return spring);
  • May be used by any access control market;
  • Ideal for interlocking doors;
  • Low energy consumption.



Voltage: 12VDC
Operating Current: 345mA
Power: 4.14 W
Operating temperature: -15 to 50 °C
Dimensions: 5.71x1.85x1.1pol
Traction force: 330.69lbf
Weight without base: 1.86lb