Banking Agency – Kit ATM

Developed for banking agencies, kiosks and ATMs, the KIT ATM it controls the access of users, providing a greater security for the establishment and less maintenance.  Nowadays more than 6,000 agencies they trust this solution in all Brazil.  Knows this solution developed especially for banks.

número 1 LOCK FECHBEM 150  - The locks electromagnet of line FECHBEM SUPER are designed to be installed in doors of wood, dividing, aluminum or glass with or without cut . Is quiet, has low cost of maintenance and if it is used with return spring, it will never remain half-opened.

dois POWER SUPPLY - The POWER SUPPLY provided by Automate are of the type not-break, that is to say, working all together with the battery to guarantee the load provision, even without energy. Within the source, there is a PLATE ATM, that directly connects the commando of the door, along with the timer of the agency.

3 SUPPORT WITH BOX BREAKS GLASS AND BUTTON OF EXIT – Developed especially for this solution, the support adapts, besides the lock electromagnet, the exit button and the box breaks glass in emergency.

4 INFORMATIVE PLATE IN BRAILLE – For to provide major accessibility along with the solution, one added to an informative plate with the writing in relief and braille.