Clean Rooms

Automatiza works in collaboration with important companies of the health area.  Therefore, it has the ideal products to clean, clinical rooms or laboratories that require isolation and control of the flow of people.  The system is made up of hygienic products and quality that assures a clean and decontaminated atmosphere when it is access control.

número 1 VISAGE – The VISAGE is an access control that regulates the entrance through the reading of the face, passwords and proximity. Because it is facial, the user does not have the possibility of eluding the system, and the identification is automatic.  There is no necessity to touch the machine, what does of VISAGE, hygienic and a great suggestion for clean rooms.

dois CLEAN 100- Locks CLEAN 100 designed to be installed in places of high standing. The Line CLEAN, with hardly 22.7 millimeters in width, is a modern and discreet lock, it can be installed embedded within the framework of the doors.