Condominiums are places that demand security of as much for that lives, how much for whom works.  The control of entrance and exit of people is a latent necessity and the use of the technology attends in the security and control of this atmosphere with great circulation of users. Thinking about that, Automatiza developed a complete solution for his security. Knows our solution developed especially for you.

n1vLOCK FECHBEM 150  - The locks electromagnet of line FECHBEM SUPER are designed to be installed in doors of wood, dividing, aluminum or glass with or without cut . Is quiet, has low cost of maintenance and if it is used with return spring, it will never remain half-opened.

n2vBIO INOX PLUS – The BIO INOX PLUS it is a control system of access of high security that uses the biometry or card of proximity like methods of verification of users.

n3vNETCONTROL – NETCONTROL is an ideal system for control of access of a great number of users or when a system for registration of visitors. It can be used for the control of access of doors, inner doors, barriers and winches. The system works with a database centralized in a PC or servant of data. Also it is possible to be administered by other machines that are in the same network Intranet and has installed software.

n4vGATEKEEPER + ANTENNA GATEKEEPER + REMOTE CONTROL- The GATEKEEPER it was developed to control the access of electronic inner doors.  Has total management of registries and events via software.  He is compatible with remote controls of 433MHz, being able to be registered up to 10,000 controls.

CONVERTER RF MANCHESTER 433MHz (Antenna GK), is an equipment for control of access used jointly with CONTROLLER NETCONTROL, doing possible that the user uses a remote control (433MHz) for access.

Our REMOTE CONTROL is compatible with software Automatiza and similar.

n5vBUTTON OF EXIT – Button of access for control systems of access.

n6v MEDIUM ENERGY SOURCE – The POWER SUPPLY provided by Automate are of the type not-break, that is to say, working all together with the battery to guarantee the load provision, even without energy.