Interlocking Banking

The interlock system has as a basic principle the possibility of doors interlocks together or in sequence. Requires that when a door opens the other doors of the place cannot be opened without closing the door open. This condition is important for locks that consist of two or more doors and clients who wish the security of not having more a door opened in the place.
All aperture control and signaling that shows the situation of the doors are performed through a control panel which generally remains in a control room.  Knows this solution developed to maintain security in banks.

n1bPASSWORD LIGHT - The control of access PASSWORD LIGHT Automatiza was developed to be used with security systems replacing keys and other control systems of access. Operates controlling the access through passwords.

n2bLOCK AUTOMAG 600kgf - The locks electromagnet AUTOMAG F600 are designed to be installed in doors of maximum security.  They are quiet, they have under power consumption and if it is used with return spring, it will never remain half-opened.

n3bBUTTON OF EXIT - Button of access for control systems of access.

n4bBOX BREAKS GLASS - The BOX BREAKS GLASS a device in emergency whose objective is to open the door if of emergency.

n5bPOWER SUPPLY - The POWER SUPPLY provided by Automate are of the type not-break, that is to say, working all together with the battery to guarantee the load provision, even without energy.

n6bINTERLOCK PANEL - The INTERLOCK PANEL was designed for security places, where the access is restricted and controlled.  This system consists of the control of the doors that are in controlled places, in which when receiving the free access to a door, the user only secures the liberation of the following door when the previous one is closed.