Public Entities

To that, they have access to the place, only the authorized persons, Automatiza developed a solution for Public Entities.  Besides the security in the control of the accesses, it directs and it administers the system from software that issues information of access, schedules of the same and others varied resources developed especially for this segment.  Knows more on this system.

n1aSERIES ATZ 200 – TOP – The WINCH of SERIES ATZ 200 is compatible with SOFTWARE NETCONTROL, can be used with readers of keyboard, bar code of password, biometry or reader RFID.  We are fourth time  champions of the Prize Marca Brasil.

n2aNETCONTROL – NETCONTROL is an ideal system for control of access of a great number of users or when a system for registration of visitors.  It can be used for the control of access of doors, inner doors, barriers and winches.  The system works with database centralized in a PC or servant of data.  Also it is possible to be administered by other machines that are in the same network Intranet and has installed software.

n3aPRINTER SMART CH – The card printer SMART CH Single is an innovating printer in many aspects: it is of easy handling, discharge quality of impression and low cost of maintenance.  It is used for the impression of cards MIFARE and 125kHz.

n4aREADER PROX WIEGAND 125kHz – The READER PROX WIEGAND Automatiza is a reader of access control.  Uses the card of proximity (RFID) like authentication method.  Has a modern design and functional, easy to install and one adapts to any surroundings.

n5aLOCK FECHBEM 150  - The locks electromagnet of line FECHBEM SUPER are designed to be installed in doors of wood, dividing, aluminum or glass with or without cut . Is quiet, has low cost of maintenance and if it is used with return spring, it will never remain half-opened.

n6aBIO 3000 – The reader of the BIO 3000 has a method of authentication through fingerprint and card of proximity (RFID), with capacity of up to 3000 users and must be used with the CONTROLLER NETCONTROL.

n7aPEDESTAL FOR READING IRON GATE - The PEDESTAL FOR READING IRON GATE of proximity is ideal for installation in places that need control access of vehicles.

n8aIRON GATE 4 METERS OF HIGH FLOW - The IRON GATE OF HIGH FLOW is extremely fast and effective and it was developed to give more security, agility and effectively to control the entrance and exit of vehicles in places with high flow.

n9aCARD ISO – The card of proximity ISO is a passive card RFID of only reading in format similar to the one of a credit card, owns pre-recorded unique code of 64 bits and print in the lateral part.  Done in PVC, card ISO he is resistant and it presents a best result of reading.  Both sides can be used for impression, in offset, thermo-transference and sublimation.