Have a security system in its residence, not only will contributes to security, but also quality of life, by commodity and comfort provided by using Control of Access.  Therefore, Automatiza developed an ideal solution for its comfort. Knows our solution developed especially for you.

1VIDEO DOORMAN – The VIDEO DOORMAN PROX Automatiza has as function to control and to visualize the access of people, being watched all the outside place of where it is installed.  It owns like authentication method a proximity key ring.

2LOCK FECHBEM 150 – The locks electromagnet of line FECHBEM SUPER are designed to be installed in doors of wood, dividing, aluminum or glass with or without cut . Is quiet, has low cost of maintenance and if it is used with return spring, it will never remain half-opened.

tresRESIDENTIAL LOCK BIOMETRIC FR300 – The RESIDENTIAL LOCK BIOMETRIC FR300 offers to an innovating solution for the control of access of residences, through password and biometry, doing useless the use of keys.

quatroMEDIUM ENERGY SOURCE – The POWER SUPPLY provided by Automate are of the type not-break, that is to say, working all together with the battery to guarantee the load provision, even without energy.

cincoKEY-RING PROX 125kHz – The proximity key ring is passive tag RFID reading, with hole to be used like key ring.  It owns pre-recorded unique code of 64 bits.  Fact in ABS is resistant and can be used in control applications of access and security, programs of fidelity, marked of point, etc.